Not a simple Beauty Center
but a laboratory of advanced aesthetics.

Our main goal is yours wellness at 360°
Beauty and health go hand in hand and we are here to help you on this journey.
We offer Face Treatments and Body Treatments through the use of advanced technologies.

We are also the unique and first psycho-nutritional weight loss center In Pordenone
Kilostop it is the only slimming method that allows you to lose weight, eating, in perfect harmony and serenity.

Whatever your need, contact us for a free consultation
Our qualified staff will advise you on the most suitable treatment for you!

Facial Treatments

We take care of your face skin, analyzing the type of skin through precise instrumentation and recommending the ideal treatment and products for you.


Body Treatments

we have avant-garde technologies for cavitation, radiofrequency, ultrasound and vacuum but also massages.


Manicure Nail Art

We have a manicure room with two stations, we're specialized in manicures and nail art.

Epilazione Laser

Progressively definitive epilation with diode laser. The diode laser is the most innovative, rapid and safe technology for progressively definitive epilation.


Psycho-nutritional slimming method KILOSTOP. Our slogan is: lose weight by eating, forever or it's Free.

Spa Pedicure

We have an elegant pedicure spa with two stations, we specialize in aesthetic and curative pedicures.

Natural Products for your Skincare

Emanuela Manconi has studied and created a line of high quality products for face and body
designed according to the needs of the customers of the beauty center and studying formulations
that created not simple creams but real treatments
to do at home, in continuation of the aesthetic treatments carried out by the beautician.

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